Friday Night Guide - Smaller Version

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      This Friday Night Guide is a smaller, 20 page version of a Shabbat Companion, printed on thinner paper, which includes the basics. 
      It is printed on a 80 Gloss paper throughout, including the cover. 
      It Includes
      Shalom Aleychem
      Ayshes Chayil
      Kiddush for Friday Night
      Al Netilas Yadayim & Hamotzi
      4 pages including 23 songs
      It does not include the Bentching for Rosh Chodesh, Chanukah, or Purim.
      Kiddush is for a regular Friday Night, and not for Yomim Tovim.
      This is great for a large Community Shabbos Dinner, or as a Handout with Shabbos Packages.
      To see our Full Shabbat (& Yomtov) table Companion, please click here

Friday Night Guide for every friday night @ home, @ shul, shabbaton, friday night dinner, to gift


Candle-Lighting Blessings

Shalom Alaychem

Ayshes Chayil

Kiddush for Friday Night

Al Nitalas Yadayim for Washing



5 pages of (Transliterated) Hebrew  and English Jewish Songs

(Songs include Oseh Shalom, To Love A Fellow Jew, Heenay Ma Tov, Dovid Melech, Am Yisrael Chai, Ain't Gonna Work on Saturday and more)

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